Birthday Musings

Last year on my birthday I ran my first ultra distance of 35 miles and it was the start of something amazing.  Since then, in the last year, I have enjoyed being consistent in my running, increasing my mileage and learning to listen to my body more.  Running has become a time I treasure and most of the time enjoy!  Yes, some runs are hard but there is always the satisfaction of having got out there and done it!  Family life and commitments can make it hard to fit runs in (I am not an early morning runner) but I have found it is always worth the effort. This year I have called myself a runner!  

I have run 4 ultra races and loved them!  I particularly enjoyed the longer races, the 100k St Cuthbert’s Way and the 100 mile Pilgrim’s Ultra and I am looking forward to running more longer races in the future including the Lady Anne’s Way 100 in January with Iain and the KACR in July.  I have loved meeting and chatting with other runners during races and running with them for varying distances, running with Iain and recently running couch to 5k with our eldest Isla.  I have enjoyed family runs and solo runs, trail runs and lots of miles on country roads. I must admit the beaches on the Northumberland Ultra weren’t really my thing!  

It has been a fantastic year and I am excited for the next.  At the moment Iain and I are both trying to reach the goal of 2000 miles for 2020.  We both entered December behind target but by an achievable amount so if you see us clocking up the miles on Strava that is the reason why!  I am also enjoying the added fun of Run up to Christmas challenge and being part of the team Apparently We Run.  One of my aims for the next year is to turn up to races and not feel like I shouldn’t be there… we’ll see how long it takes!

Thanks to everyone who has helped, encouraged and inspired me on my running journey this last year.  You are all awesome.  Keep doing what you enjoy!

Perth Santa Run 2021 (in the rain!)

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