My running story: Julie

Hi, I am Julie, I’m 42, wife of Iain and stay at home mum of 4 wonderful children. I have been running on and off for the last 6 years, and seriously since March last year. I still find it hard to believe I am a runner having spent most of my life believing I couldn’t run! It has taken me a long time (since school days!) to realise running doesn’t have to be about competition with others but it is about challenging yourself, about doing something that is good for you physically and mentally. It can be getting out and run-walking, running your first 5k or pushing for an ultra distance. It is about taking one step at a time, embracing the journey and seeing where it goes. Everyone’s journey is unique and individual to them but we can encourage each other along the way, with Miles Together with partners, friends, family and even strangers we meet on race day. Each mile together leaves a small mark on our individual journeys – how special is that?

I ran my first 5k race in 2016. I started running because Iain ran and I wanted something that we could do together. But I struggled to run regularly and still didn’t really believe I was a runner. I ran different races on and off and then when I was contemplating turning 40 I decided to challenge myself. Iain and I signed up for the EMF 2019 marathon (Iain was already running ultra distances). It was really special that we could run together. It would have been a lot harder and been much less fun without his company and support. In the run up I ran my first half marathon on my 40th birthday and then finished the EMF 2019 marathon in just under 5 hrs, I hadn’t trained enough and it was seriously hard! After that I only ran once or twice over the next 9 months.

In February 2020 I started getting out running again and this time it was different. I haven’t just been running for the races I have been enjoying getting out and just running, exploring new places, and seeing so many benefits. I have done a couple of run streaks during lock downs, built up to running 35 miles on my 42nd birthday and 50 miles at Easter. I mainly run on country roads if I can, but am trying to build my confidence on trails (I enjoy trails but worry about getting lost!). I love the space running gives me, the physical and mental challenge. I love running with Iain when we can, but I also love running alone! And this year has new challenges ahead including a 36mile race running with Iain and then 100k and 100 mile races that Iain is going to crew me.

We encourage the children to run for fun. During lockdown we had a great time running ‘garden miles’ as a family. The primary school run daily mile several times a week and we managed to continue this during the last lockdown for just over 26 week days. The kids were really pleased to have run their marathon.

However you run and whenever you run it’s great to be able to fit in Miles Together, to encourage each other and challenge ourselves. Happy running everyone 😀

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