Dropping in to Edinburgh

Last weekend I travelled down to Edinburgh to take part in “The Drop“. If you haven’t come across it before, the concept is simple but makes for an interesting event. Competitors are blindfolded, bussed out to an unknown location a set distance from the finish location and race to make their way back – butContinue reading “Dropping in to Edinburgh”

Lady Anne’s Way 100

This blog took quite a long time to write… much like the race did to complete! We hope you enjoy reading it. While recovering from the Pilgrim’s Ultra, Julie went looking for her next 100 mile adventure. It needed to ideally be in the Yorkshire area to make the logistics work and the Lady Anne’sContinue reading “Lady Anne’s Way 100”

Interview: Harriet & Karl

I’m sure many of you, like us, spent much of the second week of January following the progress of the Spine Race 2022. Known as “Britain’s most brutal”, it covers 268 miles along the remote and exposed Pennine Way from Edale in the Peak District to the finish at Kirk Yetholm, just over the borderContinue reading “Interview: Harriet & Karl”

Feel The Burns 2022

Last weekend we made the short trip down to Selkirk to run the early-season “Feel The Burns” hill race. At 13 miles in length, with nearly 3000 feet of climbing, the route is certainly shorter and steeper than we’re used to. It’s hosted by volunteer group Selkirk Fund Runners, raising money for the Tweed ValleyContinue reading “Feel The Burns 2022”

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race 2021

Like the race, this blog is rather long and took me quite a while with several breaks to complete. I’ve described all the main features of the route (that I can remember) so it might be of interest to folks considering trying the race in the future, or at least give an insight into whatContinue reading “Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race 2021”

John Lucas Memorial Ultra 2021

We’d had our eye on the John Lucas Memorial Ultra for a while – at 46 miles it’s a good ‘mid-length’ ultra and would make a good event for someone looking to step up from 50k. We’d thought about running the full distance together, but in the end we opted to run as a pair.Continue reading “John Lucas Memorial Ultra 2021”

Seven Hills of Edinburgh 2021

Today I had the chance to run a race that’s been on my to-do list for several years. I think I first heard about the Seven Hills back in 2016 or earlier when I was working in Edinburgh. Taking in the seven major high points of central Edinburgh – Calton, Castle, Corstorphine, Craiglockhart, Buckstone Snab/Braid,Continue reading “Seven Hills of Edinburgh 2021”

Full Tilt Ultra 60k

After Julie’s 30k, our second event at the Blair Castle Trail Weekender was the 60k “Full Tilt” Ultra. Originally advertised as 58k, some last minute course changes added a couple of km, but the main challenge was going to be the climbing and the weather conditions. The first half of the route was the sameContinue reading “Full Tilt Ultra 60k”

Dearg Up ‘n’ Down 30k

I was really nervous about this race. Coming only a week after the Northumberland Ultra and my first hilly trail race on my own. The course was originally 18 miles, up and down Beinn Dearg, but with a last minute course change it ended up being 19.6 miles. My biggest concern with the race wasContinue reading “Dearg Up ‘n’ Down 30k”