Year in Review: 2022

Where did the year go? Time flies when you’re having fun, and we had a lot of it! Here are just some of the highlights:

We hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures, and maybe going on a few of your own too! See you out on the trails in 2023 – we’ve got quite a few things planned already 🤫

Goals: Iain

The only trouble with setting goals (and posting them on the internet!) is that you’re held accountable to them – although I guess that’s part of the point. Let’s see how I got on with what I set out to achieve in 2022…

  • A sub-24 hilly 100 miler – I didn’t manage this at either LAW100 or Ultra Scotland 100, but did it in (ever-so-slightly-less-than) 24 hours at both BYU races I entered. So not what I intended, but still a technical ✅
  • Run further than ever before (130 miles +) – I only managed 112.5 miles at the Cow Shed, but eventually went way further with over 154 miles at GOBYU ✅
  • Complete a marathon in under 3 hours 15 minutes – the Stirling Marathon was cancelled at the last minute, and I didn’t manage to fit in a replacement race, so this one will have to roll over to 2023 ❌
  • Complete the Ramsay’s Round – I made a failed attempt in August but learned a lot in the process and definitely plan to give this another shot in 2023 ❌

2 out of 4 isn’t too bad! Besides rolling over my Marathon and Ramsay’s Round goals to 2023, I am also aiming to go further than ever before, with a link-up of the West Highland Way and Great Glen Way (~180 miles) planned. I’ll also be very proud to be representing my country as part of Team Scotland at the Four Nations BYU championship race in Wales in May. It’s going to be another big year!

Goals: Julie

Wow what a year 2022 has been, lots of races in the later half of the year has meant a 3 week break from running in December before starting afresh in 2023. Unfortunately I have been hit hard by the lurgy over Christmas so it hasn’t felt like the recharge I would have liked. I think it will be a gentle start to 2023, at least the first few days! I am hoping to run the Frozen Accumulator in January – a virtual challenge set by Mark Cockbain in previous Januarys – not sure if I will get to the 31st but I’ll take it one day at a time!

The first race of 2021 started with the LAW100, Iain and I ran together and the wheels definitely fell off overnight! It wasn’t the sub 24hr finish we has hoped for but it was a good learning experience and I still finished 3rd female so can’t complain.

The Stirling marathon being cancelled was a disappointment and I never did test my marathon pace. A half marathon in April led straight into ultra races for the rest of the year. I was made up with my new half marathon PB and now know that with a little speed work I am able to run faster than I thought possible! It didn’t last the rest of the year with longer, hillier races and tired legs!

I was made up with first place female finishes at Glen Lyon, KACR, The Ochil Ultra and The Sunrise Ultra and a new course record on the Sunrise Ultra. All these races had different challenges and I love the fact that I learnt so much from every one. KACR was probably my biggest achievement – especially straight after having COVID, although Glen Lyon was the race I had to race hardest for to get the first place – I still struggle with finding that competitive drive!

At LochNess 24 I achieved my first sub 24hr 100miles on a hilly course. GOBYU has left me feeling frustrated with myself for quitting while I could still keep going… something to work on next year!

2023 is going to have some new and longer challenges! I am still keen to see how far I can go and to improve my competitive edge and mental toughness (no quitting in 2023 🤣) With that in mind I have signed up for 2 longer 250mile races, The Thames Ring 250 and the Lon Las Ultra later in the year (I am super excited about this one). Ultra Scotland 100 is in the middle of the year to test both my legs and navigation on a challenging 100miler and then 2 backyard ultras to see if I can really stick it to the end – Twatt (Orkney) and November GOBYU.

I can’t wait to get a solid training block in at the start of the year as with tapers, races and recoveries it is hard to find consistency sometimes! But 2022 has been injury free and hopefully with a solid training block to start with 2023 can be the same. Happy running eevryone, add some adventures to 2023 and do what you love to do 🏃🏻‍♀️😃

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